Broken Banjo

07/30/22 - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The Whidbey Island Band “Broken Banjo” could be described as a Folk/Americana vocal group but that would not begin to describe the range of what this exciting trio delivers. Only a few years together, they’ve managed to each bring something special from their diverse backgrounds and influences. In the span of a few songs, Broken Banjo can move from a soulful ballad, a jazz standard to a classic blues. What makes them interesting is their unique arrangements with three-part harmony. With Larry Mason on rhythm guitar, Kevin Johnson on lead acoustic and electric and Deirdre Fairfax on guitar and lead vocals, these three creatively collaborate from their own perspectives and strengths to put a “Broken Banjo” stamp on each song. Their name was adopted from the Deirdre’s father’s music and coffee house in a small town in Millington in the mid-sixties. It seemed like a perfect namesake for the band that loves to share songs that span across genres and time.

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