Into Light


The Christian Rock/Worship band formed in the summer of 2008 when longtime friends and fellow worship musicians Elijah Tadema, Ron Milhomme, and Dave Lowry, decided that the message of Elijah’s original worship music needed to be heard beyond the walls of their church building. Renowned lead guitarist, John Malone was asked to join the band later that fall. Since then, it’s been non-stop song writing by lead vocalist, Elijah, and intense arranging by the band.

Into Light, whose name is defined by the Salvation message of moving from darkness into light, is a Christian rock band with music that intermixes cues from classic rock, pop, funk, and heartfelt worship. The music of Into Light is deliberate, and written to leave listeners energized and impacted all at once. Matt Cole of Cole Media Works describes Into Light as, “a band whose roots are forged in complex arrangements, engaging melodies, and thorough builds that extend beyond the normal bounds of Christian Rock”.

The TMG recording artists have just released their debut album called “Take the Reigns,” and are currently promoting the it with concerts and worship events in Washington State. Into Light’s music has the unique distinction of being relevant and engaging to the secular community, as well as providing a worship experience for believing listeners.

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