R Factor 5


R Factor 5 is a well rounded Top 40 Dance Band playing hits from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s along with hits from today. Their huge variety of fan favorites includes pop, rock, R & B and even some country.

About the Band

Michele Boudreau is our lead singer and sometimes keyboard player and back up singer. She won her first talent competition at the age of three, and this event triggered her life long love of the stage. Hailing from San Diego, she fronted several bands there including a classic rock band, an 80’s band, jazz, and several top 40 dance bands. This versatility is shown in her performance here.

When she is not on the stage, she sells real estate in Whatcom and Skagit counties. Michele is a Pisces, and her favorite color is pink. She enjoys long walks in the rain and doesn’t even miss San Diego one bit.

Jeff Bradley is our lead guitarist. He also does lead and back up vocals. Jeff has years of performing under his belt. He has toured the country with prior projects and we’re lucky to have him. Jeff also has several other projects he’s currently working on including a number of original songs.

He plays along with Aaron and Ron in their church band as well. As you can see, he has no time for walks in the rain with everything else that he’s doing. His sign is Aquarius, and his favorite color is green.

Ron Kercheval is our consummate bass player. He’s been playing for years in a variety of rock, Christian rock and country bands. He also sings lead and back up vocals. He’s our equipment and sound check engineer, and he even has a touring bus just in case we need to start traveling further.

During the day Ron moonlights as a Chief Financial Officer, so he’s great with numbers. Book us for lots of gigs, because Ron and his bride have another mouth to feed on the way. I guess he’s been busy on those nights that we’re not playing as well.

Ron is a Scorpio, and his favorite colors are black and chrome.

Aaron started playing drums around 1980. Other than the “Quiet” years he spent playing Army instruments, like the M-16, or 50 cal machine gun, he has been making music ever since. Aaron has been a member of many local bands and has sat in with just about every musician in Skagit Valley as well as few big names visiting the local casino scene.. Although probably best known for his Latin grooves and jazz infusion styles he is also more than happy to light up the kit with some Faith No More thrash. Aaron is an avid home brewer who is happy to sit down and share a good conversation over a pint. If you get a few in him, he might even sing you a song or two.

Aaron is a Cancer, and his favorite color is red.

Steve is the latest member to join our band. A longtime fixture in the Pacific Northwest and native of Bellingham, he began shredding on the guitar in his early teens, and he hasn’t put it down since. He’s played with many local fan favorites such as Relay, Air Traffic Control and Burning Curve. When he’s not in the practice room or on the stage, you might find him at the local natural foods store or playing in the great outdoors. Steve’s favorite color is blue-green and he’s a Scorpio.

We love having two lead guitars and the versatility it brings to our material!


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