The Circus

A Benefit and Silent Auction for the Madrona Center & Gaia Rising Farm on Guemes Island

Local talent, local food an drink, local fun! This event is for the whole family.

Program begins at 2:30pm.

Individual performances by The Cirk Incendiaries (part of The Anacortes Performing Arts Club), interlaced with music while participants look through various auction items. Auction closes at 4:15 pm and Auction Winners announced.

Puppet Show and Poetry 4:30 – 5 pm

Intermission 5-6 pm

Hootnanny 6-9 pm featuring a variety of Fidalgo and Guemes Island musicians, performers and poets.

Reasonably priced artwork by well known artists, merchandise and other exciting items will be in the auction, including a totem pole carved at the Madrona Center. To find out more, Google Gaia Rising Farm and Madrona Center. Some of the artists participating include Phil McCracken, Allan Moe, Anne McCool, Ralph Bennett, Sequoia Ferrel, Lane Parks, Sam Moore and Thomas Wood.

Refreshments available from
the Anacortes Brewery.

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Refreshments available from