The Holmes Shea Band


Original rock, ballads, and jazzy rhythm & blues

Only a year old, the Heart of Anacortes is an extraordinary outdoor venue in the Old Town district of Anacortes and is a lovely place to enjoy great music, food, beer and wine. Take in the last of summer while enjoying music and dancing in the great outdoors.

People always ask, “What kind of music do you play?”

This is a hard question for songwriters who relish exploring diverse sounds and genres. Much of the material is rock-based but generally with an infusion of funk, r&b, and/or latin involved. Some of the tunes lean toward jazz, others toward a dreamy fusion feel. We’ve had people say the music reminds them of Bonnie Raitt, Santana and even Flora Purim.

Best way to know is to get the CD and listen! But you can preview all the tunes from our latest CD on our site. Then be a champ and support live music by coming to a gig!


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