Johnny & The Moondogs

On behalf of Johnny & The Moondogs, I just wanted to say thanks for featuring us on the Heart of Anacortes stage on Saturday.  From our perspective, it was a great event with a terrific crowd and we really enjoyed it.  What an outstanding venue!

I think all the band members would agree that you’ve done a fantastic job in setting up the Heart of Anacortes. The stage was roomy and comfortable, and the professional sound system and lighting were awesome.  Move-in and setup couldn’t have been easier.  We received many favorable comments about how well-balanced the sound was at this show.  This is often difficult to achieve — especially at a typical gig where no one is assisting with the sound. Your event support effort was also exceptional, with those beautiful posters, the PR work, and nice coverage on your website.

Thanks also to your vendor the Anacortes Brewery, for the complimentary beverages they provided for the band–always a welcome perk!

I hope our performance met your expectations and that we may get an opportunity to perform at the Heart of Anacortes again in the near future.  In the meantime, we would welcome any photos and/or video clips that might have been created during the show. We are always looking for good photos of the band performing. Thanks!

And, finally, thanks for the laminated posters you provided at the end of the show.  Let me know if you have another big one kicking around and I’ll drop by and pick it up sometime today.  They will be nice mementos from one of our favorite gigs.

Best regards,



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